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CMP Application

This application is for Louisiana certified nursing homes (or management companies who operate certified nursing homes in Louisiana) who wish to compete for a limited number of grants of up to $19,500 to carry out projects that will make their nursing home a better place to live, visit, or work. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2014. Limitations do apply. Please contact for more information.

Variances from the CMS form:

The application form is provided by CMS Region IV. The CMS application form is intended for broader use than the Louisiana Nursing Home Quality Innovations Grants Program. It includes options and instructions that do not apply to the Quality Innovations Grants Program. Therefore, we ask that you make special note of the following:

In the section titled "Project Category"...

The form lists several categories for which DHH will not consider requests or forward them to CMS for consideration. Requests will be considered only for:

  • Direct Improvement to Quality of Care
  • Resident or Family Councils
  • Culture Change/ Quality of Life
  • Training
  • Provider Specified Other Purposes

In the section titled "Expected Outcomes, Results Measurement"...

The form includes instructions for multi-year projects. However, we will not consider multi-year projects at this time.

To complete and submit the application:

  1. Click here to download the CMS Region IV CMP Application.
  2. Complete the application as instructed, keeping in mind the variances described above.
    a. The application must be no more than twenty (20) pages including appendices.
    b. Font for appendices is Times New Roman, 12 point.  However, pictures, brochures, or scanned articles can be submitted in their original form.
    c. All of the pages of the appendices must be numbered and the name of the nursing home must appear on all pages.
  3. Save the completed application to your computer as a Word document.
  4. Complete the DHH Budget Form.
  5. Send the completed application and the completed budget form as email attachments to

Application review process:

DHH will review the applications and send those considered acceptable for funding to CMS Region IV. Final approval is determined by CMS.