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Own Your Own Health and Design Your Wellness Challenge

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, through the Bureau of Minority Health Access and the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, is launching Own Your Own Health (OYOH), an initiative that encourages and coaches Louisianans to take responsibility for their own health through a series of wellness challenges. By tracking physical activity and nutrition habits online through the OYOH tracking system, participants will also receive the latest 'best practices' techniques from the online coaching feature built into system. The program also allows companies, organizations and families to design their own physical activity and nutritional challenges through the tracking system. Participants will be permitted to set their length of challenge(s), design their own landing page with favorite graphics, pictures, and wellness quotes.  Anyone can take advantage of the new online message board, send motivational e-cards, and get free health tips each week.

OYOH allows fitness enthusiasts or anyone seeking a lifestyle change to create a public or private challenge(s) free of charge!  Participants can earn points through exercise, weight loss, healthy eating selections and then track their progress through the OYOH online wellness center. Again, there is no cost to get started! Just choose your challenge below and send us an e-mail at  or call us 225-342-4886 or 1-866-562-9015 outside of Baton Rouge and our OYOH staff will create a tailor-made challenge just the way you like it.

NOTE: Before beginning any new diet or exercise program, you should check with your doctor.

CHOOSE your challenge.

Our OYOH system makes fitness fun, with physical activity and healthy eating challenges designed around different themes. Although each challenge is aimed at a specific group (schools, families, etc.), participants are welcome to choose any challenge. Pick the one that will be most interesting to you, so you'll be motivated to stick with it and keep going. These challenges are interactive, so you'll be able to track your progress online and learn how to take responsility for your Own Health. You will be able to participate alone or with a team.

Church vs. Church Challenge allows church goers to challenge one another and other churches across the state to see who can get to the moon and back to earth based on the number of steps and activities entered into the online tracking system.


Livingston vs. Terrebonne
Two proud communities in south Louisiana will compete in a Race to the Moon steps challenge! Both parishes will rally their citizens to see which parish can step their way to the moon through the Living Well tracking system. Livingston wil be led by Senator Dale Erdey and Rep. J. Rogers Pope, and Terrebonne will be led by Parish President, Michel Claudet of Houma. This will certanily be a Barn-Burner!

Growing Up Fit Together works with teachers, students, and families to promote healthy lifestyle skills through seven lessons (modules) taught by a Growing Up Fit Together Obesity Prevention Coordinator assigned to that participating school. Students will learn the improtance of taking responsiblity for their Own Health.

Tribe vs. Tribe Challenge encourages Native American Tribes in Louisiana to develop healthy activity and eating habits while exploring the western United States. By using Google maps, each time participants enter their steps or physical activities into the online tracking system, they will be taken on a journey to the west coast and beyond on the exact route as famous explorers, Lewis and Clark.

Sign up by yourself or with a team and create an online profile!

For Teams in your challenge: Captains sign up first and add their team members following the instructions online. Then, every team member signs up and completes the profile page. If there is an existing team you want to join, you can do that through the website, also.

After your Challenge is created, follow these steps to register online:

  1. Click Register Button above, then on next page select "Not Registered?"
  2. On the next page is the User Agreement. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Agree.'
  3. Next page complete the profile page and make sure you choose the challenge you want.
  4. Click on the Challenges link in the Nav bar on the left.
  5. Click on advanced search, then click on Private or Public Challenges.
  6. Type in your password if your challenge is Private.
  7. Then click on join challenge at the top of the page.
  8. Then, every member signs up and completes the profile page and repeat the above steps.
  9. A confirmation letter via e-mail from LWLA staff will follow shortly thereafter.

ASSESS your health

We all have a responsibility to Own Our Own Health and take good care of ourselves so we can feel better, live longer and have a higher quality of life. Making wellness part of your daily routine is a good way to start on the path toward better health, and there are simple steps you can take now:

  • If you smoke or use tobacco, quit.
  • If you eat too much unhealthy food, don't.
  • If you don't exercise, start.

As you get ready to start living well, think about how you want to be healthier, whether it's eating more fruits and vegetables, starting a workout routine, quitting unhealthy behaviors or assessing your risk for chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease so you can take steps to prevent them. Then, you are ready to Own Your Own Health for a healthier you!

FOLLOW your fitness

To earn points, teams or individuals enter their steps if using a pedometer, or enter the amount of time it takes them to complete activities. Teams' progress is constantly updated, and can be viewed by clicking on 'Challenge Progress,' then scrolling to the bottom of the page and seeing the rankings. Team captains and individual participants can report their totals via the website or can send an email to:

There's an App for That!

OYOH Physical Activity and Nutrition Challenge(s) formed a partnership with Core Health Technologies, Inc. and created the CoreMobile app to help you track your steps, weight loss, nutrition and more! To view the tutorial on how the app works, click here.

The integrated pedometer function lets you:

  • Track steps using your phone as a pedometer
  • Track your fitness each day using easy touch options
  • Find out if you are on or off target compared to personal steps goals
  • Maintain a history of your fitness to see improvement over time
  • Track fruits and veggies consumption for more balanced nutrition
  • Track body weight and compare to your history as you shed pounds
  • Link to the online challenges for inspiration and prizes
  • View real-time updates of the latest news on the Living Well Challenge site.