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Common Questions - Bayou Health

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Are all Louisiana Medicaid and LaCHIP recipients enrolled with a Bayou Health Plan?
How do Medicaid/LaCHIP recipients select a Bayou Health Plan?
What if Medicaid/LaCHIP recipients do not select a Bayou Health Plan?
Does the Bayou Health Plan choice process replace the processes used to determine Medicaid/LaCHIP eligibility, and complete Medicaid/LaCHIP enrollment?
Do recipients enrolled in a Health Plan still use the Medicaid/LaCHIP card?
How often can members change Bayou Health Plans?
What is the Bayou Health packet I received in the mail?
What do I have to do with the packet that I received in the mail ?
What are some of the differences between Medicaid and Bayou Health?
Which plan is best?
How do I know which plan to choose?
Will I lose some of my Medicaid benefits?
Do people with Private Health Insurance also have to pick a plan if Medicaid is their secondary?
What if there isn’t a particular type specialist in my plan?
If my PCP & Specialist are in different plans what do I do?
Can a recipient choose a specialist as their PCP?
If a recipient goes to the ER, can they go to any hospital? If they need to be admitted, how would they be covered if their PCP/specialists doesn’t have admission rights at that hospital?
Which Medicaid recipients are excluded from participation in Bayou Health?
Which Medicaid recipients have the option to participate in Bayou Health or remain in Medicaid fee-for-service?