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Common Questions - LBHP - Provider Common Questions

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Will my organization need to be credentialed by Magellan?
Will Magellan contact me regarding credentialing and contracting?
Whom can I contact with questions about credentialing and contracting?
I already completed an LOI. Do I still need to complete the credentialing application?
My colleague did not receive a credentialing application, but treats this population. How can they contact Magellan?
Do I need to sign a contract with Magellan?
Does Magellan have a list of services to be provided and or billing codes for those services (Louisiana SMO) that you can send to me?
Are LPC’s now eligible to provide services to Medicaid recipients?
Will Magellan have provider trainings? If so, when?
What will be the average turn around time from the day you receive a clean claim to the date/ payment is made and released?
Will you accept electronic claims?
What can I do now to prepare for the March 1, 2012 start date?