Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals | Kathy Kliebert, Secretary

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Acadiana Application Centers
Acute Units
Adolescent School Health Program
Adoption Agencies - Main Directory
Adoption Agencies - Region 1
Adoption Agencies - Region 2
Adoption Agencies - Region 3
Adoption Agencies - Region 4
Adoption Agencies - Region 5
Adoption Agencies - Region 6
Adoption Agencies - Region 7
Adoption Agencies - Region 8
Adoption Agencies - Region 9
Aging and Adult Services Facilities
Aging and Adult Services Regional Offices
Assistive Outpatient Treatment
ATR Access to Recovery
Behavioral Health Regional Offices
CAD Commission on Addictive Disorders
Capital Area Application Centers
CART Child Adolescent Response Team
Central/Southwest Louisiana Application Centers
Community Mental Health Centers
Contracts & Procurement Support
Coordinated System of Care FSOs
Coordinated System of Care Wraparound Agencies
Detoxification Treatment Facilities
Division of Fiscal Management
Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Program
EHDI - Audiologists
EHDI - Region 1 Audiologists
EHDI - Region 2 Audiologists
EHDI - Region 3 Audiologists
EHDI - Region 4 Audiologists
EHDI - Region 5 Audiologists
EHDI - Region 6 Audiologists
EHDI - Region 7 Audiologists
EHDI - Region 8 Audiologists
EHDI - Region 9 Audiologists
FOC: (03) Children's Choice
FOC: (06) NOW - Professional Services
FOC: (11) ROW - Shared Living
FOC: (13) Pre Vocational Habilitation
FOC: (14) Day Habilitation
FOC: (15) Environmental Modification
FOC: (16) Personal Emergency Response Systems
FOC: (17) Assistive Devices
FOC: (31) ROW - Psychology
FOC: (35) ROW - Physical Therapy
FOC: (37) ROW - Occupational Therapy
FOC: (39) ROW - Speech Therapy
FOC: (44) Skilled Nursing Services
FOC: (73) ROW - Social Work
FOC: (82) Personal Care Attendant [MR/DD]
FOC: (83) Center Based Respite
FOC: (84) Substitute Family Care
FOC: (89) Supervised Independent Living
FOC: (98) Supported Employment
FOC: Region 1
FOC: Region 2
FOC: Region 3
FOC: Region 4
FOC: Region 5
FOC: Region 6
FOC: Region 7
FOC: Region 8
FOC: Region 9
Free Ultrasound Services
Free Ultrasound Services - Region 1
Free Ultrasound Services - Region 2
Free Ultrasound Services - Region 3
Free Ultrasound Services - Region 4
Free Ultrasound Services - Region 7
Free Ultrasound Services - Region 8
Free Ultrasound Services - Region 9
Gambling Prevention and Treatment Services
Governor's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports
Greater New Orleans Area Application Centers
Halfway House & Other Community-Based Facilities
Health Standards Contacts
HSS - Abortion Clnics
HSS - Adult Brain Injury
HSS - Adult Day Health Care
HSS - Adult Residential Care
HSS - Ambulatory Surgical Centers
HSS - Community MH Centers (Enrollment Only)
HSS - Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facilities
HSS - Emergency Medical Transportation
HSS - End Stage Renal Disease
HSS - Home & Community Based Service Providers
HSS - Home Health Agencies
HSS - Hospice
HSS - Hospitals
HSS - Intermediate Care for Dev. Disabled
HSS - Mental Health Clinic (State)
HSS - Non-Emergency Medical Tranportation
HSS - Nurse Aide Training Schools
HSS - Nursing Homes
HSS - Outpatient Physical Therapy
HSS - Pain Management Clinics
HSS - Pediatric Day Health Care Facilities
HSS - Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities
HSS - Substance Abuse
HSS - Therapeutic Group Homes
Human Resources, Training & Staff Development
Juvenile Competency Restoration Program
La. Commission for the Deaf Regional Serv. Centers
LaCHIP Contacts
Licensing Boards
Local Government Entities
Locations to apply or renew for Medicaid
Louisiana Behavioral Health Advisory Council
Louisiana Spirit Program Contacts
Medicaid Application Centers
Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Advisory Council
Medicaid Pharmaceutical & Therapeutics Committee
Medicaid Purchase Plan
Methadone Clinics
My Place Louisiana Regional Contacts
Northeast Louisiana Application Centers
Northshore Area Application Centers
Northwest Louisiana Application Centers
OCDD Districts and Authorities
OCDD Regional and State Advisory Committees
OCDD Resource Centers
OCDD Supports and Services Centers
OCDD Waiver Offices
OPH - Clerk Birth Certificate Issuance Locations
OPH - Clerk Death Certificate Issuance Locations
OPH-Center for Community Preparedness
OPH-Chronic Disease Prevention & Control Contacts
OPH-Commercial Body Art Regions
OPH-CSHS Office Contacts
OPH-CSHS Regional Health Units
OPH-Emergency Medical Services Contacts
OPH-Engineering Services Regional Offices
OPH-Environmental Epidemiology Contacts
OPH-Family Planning Contacts
OPH-Food & Drug Program District Contacts
OPH-Genetic Disease Program Contacts
OPH-Immunizations Program Contacts
OPH-Infectious Disease Contacts
OPH-Injury Research & Prevention Contacts
OPH-Laboratory Services Contacts
OPH-Louisiana Asthma Management Contacts
OPH-Louisiana Tobacco Control Program Contacts
OPH-Oral Health Program
OPH-Primary Care & Rural Health Contacts
OPH-Public Health Units
OPH-Region 1
OPH-Region 2
OPH-Region 3
OPH-Region 4
OPH-Region 5
OPH-Region 6
OPH-Region 7
OPH-Region 8
OPH-Region 9
OPH-Regional Offices
OPH-Sanitarian Services
OPH-STD Clinic Directory
OPH-STD/HIV Program Contacts
OPH-Tuberculosis Program Contacts
OPH-Vital Records Kiosk Locations
OPH-Vital Records Service Locations
Outpatient Substance Abuse Clinics
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Main Directory
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Region 1
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Region 2
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Region 3
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Region 4
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Region 5
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Region 6
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Region 7
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Region 8
Pregnancy Resource Centers - Region 9
Prevention Contract Service Providers
Protective Services
Rate Setting and Audit Section
Residential Treatment Facilities
Social & Medically-Supported Detoxification
South Central Application Centers
Specialized Inpatient Services
State Department Headquarters
State Epidemiologist - Regional laboratories
Water Systems Workshop Locations
Well-Ahead Louisiana Team Leads
Women & Dependent Children Service Facilities