The Community is More Resilient Than Before

Through the program’s efforts to build community cohesion, showcase community response and support, and involve community members in crisis counseling efforts, the residents of Louisiana are more resilient than ever. The people of Louisiana share a sense of survival and are bolstered by a new awareness of their strength and capacity to overcome devastating situations—not only on a personal level, but for their families and neighbors.

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Louisiana’s Disaster Behavioral Health Planning and Preparedness Efforts are Taken to the Next Level

Among the most valuable lessons learned by Louisiana Spirit is the importance of partnerships and collaboration towards an effective crisis counseling response. The program was able to forge many relationships along the way, all of which will play an integral part in planning and preparedness efforts for the future. The State is better positioned to deal with the effects of any hazard, and Louisiana Spirit staff are able to approach the future with new skills and capacities in crisis counseling, program management and coordination, outreach, and stress management.

The Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program (CCP) Model's Ability to Successfully Address Large-Scale Disasters is Validated

The impact of the 2005 gulf coast hurricanes pushed the limits of the traditional CCP model—crisis counseling needs far exceeded the CCP's typical timeline and the typical number of crisis counseling visits allowed within the CCP was not sufficient for the degree of trauma that faced many survivors. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and the State of Louisiana successfully met these unique needs by diligently conducting required CCP functions, needs assessment, data collection and evaluation. By building upon the CCP's programmatic principles, Louisiana Spirit was able to advocate for and design a successful CCP that was longer in duration than most and that incorporated a new supplementary feature, Specialized Crisis Counseling Services. It is now proven that the CCP model has the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of survivors of all hazards, small or large.

"My relationship with my family has changed dramatically... now I have the motivation to get up and move with my family."

- Ms. Carlanda Hilton, Survivor and Recipient of Louisiana Spirit Services